League Starting Dates:

October 26, 2017

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    October 26 - Schedule and Standings


    All teams must be paid in full by the 1st week in the league. After the 1st week in the league late fees will be applied. If a team is not paid in the full by the 2nd week of the league the games will not be played. This policy applies even if a team does not have a game in the 1st week of the league. All rosters are due in full by the 1st week of the league.


    Next Session:
    July 20, 2017

    Kickoff Times:
    Thursday nights
    8pm - Midnight

    Cost and Rules

    $600 per team

    Please check the SportsPlex Flag Football rules here

    All players are required have a Sportsplex player ID.


    Player ID Cards

    Adult League Players are required to:

    • Fill out all the required information here for your ID Card.
    • Sign the new facility participation waiver
    • Upload a profile photo for your Player ID Card.
    • Once profile photo is uploaded, facility staff will print your new Player ID Card.
    • Player ID Card will be ready for pick-up at the front desk - if no photo has been uploaded, you will be required to do so prior to receiving new ID.
    • Player ID Card cost is $10; no fee for those players currently possessing a valid facility ID.
    • Players with an existing valid facility ID card are still required to sign the new participation waiver - visit the front desk for validation.
    • Players are required to have his/her Player ID Card at every game.


    SMG Waiver of Liability

    Agreement to the terms and conditions of our new waiver is REQUIRED for facility participation.

    Facility Participation Waiver


    Coming Soon


    Coming Soon


All participants are required to sign the new online waiver.
Facility Participation Waiver

Individuals looking for a team - click the register here button, pick your night, follow the instructions, and we will find you a team.

All payments and deposits are non-refundable.

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