Inline Hockey:
Sunday:December 2
Tuesday Silver: December 5
Thursday Silver: January 4


All team payments and deposits are non-refundable.


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Tuesday/ Thursday League




New policy regarding weather related cancellations in our rules. Click here to see rules

All teams must be paid in full by the 1st week in the league. After the 1st week in the league late fees will be applied. If a team is not paid in the full by the 2nd week of the league the games will not be played. This policy applies even if a team does not have a game in the 1st week of the league. All rosters are due in full by the 1st week of the league.

Rules and Regulations

Tuesdays/Thursdays & Sundays:

  • 4 v 4
  • Three 15 minute periods
  • Two (2) referees
  • Seven (7) regular season games and one (1) playoff game
  • Statistics are kept


Alcohol is prohibited on the grounds of the Metuchen Sportsplex. If you are suspected of being under the influence you will not be permitted to participate and law enforcement will be notified.

The SportsPlex is not responsible for making up games due to bad weather.



Tuesday/Thursday: Gold/Silver

Sundays: Bronze


Register your team today. We are the best game in town. Compare us to our competitors.

Metuchen SportsPlex:
$1035 per team,
$125 for individuals
8 games guaranteed
( 7 plus one post-season)
Ref Fees Included
Price Per Game: $129.37

Our Competitors:
$1200 per team,
$155 for individuals
8 games guaranteed
(7 plus one post-season)
Ref fees $25 per game
Price Per Game: $175


Tuesdays/Thursdays: 7pm to 12am

Sunday: 5pm to 12am


Player ID Cards

Adult League Players are required to:

  • Fill out all the required information here for your ID Card.
  • Sign the new facility participation waiver
  • Upload a profile photo for your Player ID Card.
  • Once profile photo is uploaded, facility staff will print your new Player ID Card.
  • Player ID Card will be ready for pick-up at the front desk - if no photo has been uploaded, you will be required to do so prior to receiving new ID.
  • Player ID Card cost is $10; no fee for those players currently possessing a valid facility ID.
  • Players with an existing valid facility ID card are still required to sign the new participation waiver - visit the front desk for validation.
  • Players are required to have his/her Player ID Card at every game.


SMG Waiver of Liability

Agreement to the terms and conditions of our new waiver is REQUIRED for facility participation.

Facility Participation Waiver


See all the champions in adult Inline Hockey at the SportsPlex.









All participants are required to sign the new online waiver.
Facility Participation Waiver

Individuals looking for a team - click the register here button, pick your night, follow the instructions, and we will find you a team.

All deposits and payments are non-refundable



Home Text

After signing up for your league, you must, fill out all of the required information here for your ID Card. Your ID card costs $7. Then you need to sign your waiver on Once you complete a waiver and upload your picture, your player card will be available for pick up at the front desk at the time of your team's first game.