Rules for Youth Futsal

General Rules

  • Conduct within the facility and on the field should be within the spirit of good sportsmanship.
  • Individuals utilizing this facility do so at their own risk. The property owner(s), league operators, officers and owners and staff of the Metuchen Sportsplex assume no liability for any injuries or accidents, which may occur. Please refer to your Liability and Injury Waiver Release Forms.
  • No individual will be allowed to participate in any league games, practice session, tournament, clinic, open pick-up game, or other activities until a release form has been properly completed and signed. The facility waiver can be signed online or in print form.
  • Playing sports can be a hazardous activity and unfortunate things can happen. You are contractually agreeing that you have signed our liability release and that you are waiving your rights to file a lawsuit against us. You accept the conditions of the fields, courts, and other surfaces, and also any unforeseen situations that may occur. If you are uncomfortable with any of these conditions, you can choose not to play or participate in our leagues or other activities.
  • No food, drink, chewing tobacco, chewing gum, or metal cleats permitted on turf playing surface. No sunflower seeds or similar type products are permitted in the facility. No glass containers on the court or in the player boxes.
  • No outside food or drink of any kind will be permitted in the facility. Any outside food or drink will be confiscated.
  • Games that are cancelled due to poor weather conditions or conditions not under the control of the Metuchen Sportsplex are generally not rescheduled or guaranteed to be played.
  • The Metuchen Sportsplex reserves the right to refuse play or service to anyone.
  • Any fighting will result in permanent banishment from facility.

Game Length:
One 45 minute game, no halftime.

Time Outs- The Futsal league at the Metuchen Sportsplex will have no time outs. This will apply for all age groups.

Roster Size

Youth: The maximum roster size will be 18 players. There will be no guest players allowed. If a team has an injury or other "circumstances" whereby they lose a rostered player, that team may request that a new player be added to the roster. If a commissioner has not permitted this addition that player will be considered "illegal" and the game forfeited. Please note that ten awards will be handed out to the winning teams. More awards may be purchased from the Sportsplex at cost.

Adult: The maximum roster size will be 10 players. Teams may have at maximum three guest players for any game.

Guest Players

All adult teams are allowed guest players as outlined in the above rules. Guest players may not be rostered on another team in the same league. Guest players can be rostered in other leagues as long as the player is playing at the appropriate level. Teams violating any of the general rules regarding guest players will forfeit their game.

Regulation Futsal ball, size 4 for U13 and above, and size 3 for U12 and under.

Teams will play a 7 game schedule.

Player on the Field
There will be 4 field player and a goalkeeper at all times.

Field of Play
The game will be played on a basketball court. No boards will be used.

Out of bounds rules will be enforced. Kick-ins will be used instead of throw-ins.

Adult: The Metuchen Sportsplex will award various prizes to winning teams. Each first place team will receive either ten trophies (according to the maximum roster size), or a 10% discount off the following session. If teams want additional prizes or awards, they may purchase them from the Sportsplex. If trophies are being ordered, they must be ordered within two weeks of the session ending.

Youth: Each first place team will receive up to 12 trophies. If teams want additional prizes or awards, they may purchase them from the Sportsplex.

Division winners will be determined by total points.

The home team will kick-off to begin the first half. 

Substitutions are free and unlimited as long as such substitutions do not interfere with the flow of the game. Furthermore, each and every substitution must wait until the player they are substituting for is off the court before they can enter. Note: substitutions are only allowed in front of each teams' bench area.

Teams may substitute for the goal keeper during play stoppages. The referee should be notified of a change in goalkeeper.

Free Kicks
On all free kicks, the defensive team must remain five yards from the ball until the ball is kicked. After the ball has been placed, the defensive team must retreat (within three seconds) five yards from the ball. Repeated failure to do so or failure to do so after the initial request by the official is encroachment and the referee may award yellow card.

Red Cards
Any player that receives a red card shall be sent completely off the playing area and shall not return. The team with the offending player shall play a player down for two minutes. After two minutes a player other than the red carded player can enter the court with referee permission.

After gaining possession of a ball, the goalkeeper must release it within four seconds. All throughout the game the goalkeeper can never have possession of the ball for more than four seconds unless he receives the ball on the opponent side of the field.

Teams will receive 3 points for a win, 1 point for a tie, and 0 points for a loss. League champion will be determined by the team with the most points. Any tie breakers shall be determined in the following order:

  1. The team with the most points
  2. The winner of any head to head league play
  3. Least Goals Allowed
  4. Most wins

If teams are still tied after the above tie-breakers have been calculated, the Sportsplex will award co-champions.

Futsal Rules
The Metuchen Sportsplex will follow Official Futsal rules (as endorsed by FIFA) for all situations not otherwise covered in these rules.

Please read the SMG waiver of liability.

Contact Information:
Please contact the Metuchen Sportsplex at [email protected] or 848-248-4684